Personal Healing

Your Purpose

In order to put the concept of personal healing into perspective I am going to illuminate one’s life purpose. From day one people have uttered the phrase, “why I am here?” The answer to this question is actually easy. You are here to have experiences, experiences that will lead to awareness. The awareness will lead you to understanding, which will, in-turn, lead to the Knowingness that All Is One. While the basic tenet is simple, the process of accomplishing this is as complex as complex can get. Each Soul undertakes a process of inserting an aspect of themselves - your Personality, into a realm for a given experience – your life. That adventure will hopefully give you clues about the true nature of reality when added to the totality of Soul’s experience. You, your Personality, is responsible for your part of the process. This process is guided by Soul/you, and is governed by the only constant in consciousness – Freewill.



Self, you, is a complex system of expression. Here we see “Mary” as a serene calm overseer of her various aspects, Mary is a “Personality” aspect of her Higher-Self or Soul. Each aspect of Mary exists, in its entirety, within Mary’s Personality-self, and then again within Mary’s Soul-self. The infant-self exists, the teenage-self exists, the mother-self exists - all are aspects contained within. At forty-years-old, Mary’s focus of attention has shifted from infant to forty-year old but the various parts of her are still there. Mary can shift her consciousness to any aspect at anytime. Forty-year-old Mary may experience a conflict that brings out her infant self, resulting in screaming and crying in a classic infant way, and while her body may not reflect a return to infant-self, her screaming and crying will surely show another that she has reached into her aspect field and accessed something very young. Anything can trigger a return to a younger-self. For example, listening to music you listened to in high school will access the high schooler in you, activating the resonances acquired at that time. A visit to mommy and daddy’s house for dinner can activate an infant-self. When this happens, the resonances attached to that aspect are activated and they might need some balancing. The presence of younger aspects can show us where we need balancing if we take the opportunity to self-reflect - we’ll cover the ways to address balancing later. The image below shows you that all parts of you exist, aspects do not die simply because your body gets older.

All aspects of self exist with the matrix of Personality.


Soul, you, is the container of many Personality you’s. Each one exists, in its entirety, within Soul’s matrix. They are all you, the Personalities are different, the incarnational experiences are different, but they are all you. Each incarnation is unique: man, woman, banker, doctor, thief, homeless, rich etc. Each Personality you, and each aspect of that Personality, all exist within the greater Soul matrix. A complex system of separation keeps each incarnated personality having their own purity of experience, whether in a body or not, as each Personality exists as an individual expression of Soul.

All incarnations exist within the matrix of Soul.

We can see in our Soul image that each Personality aspect exists without full knowingness about the other incarnational experiences or the unified Soul container they are all housed in. The Personalities are all looking to come to the Knowingness that within their network; All Is One = Soul.

The Soul is doing the same thing. Within the Creator matrix, the Soul exists in separation; not Knowing that it is part of the All/Creator. Soul is looking to come to Know that it is part of the All by having experiences through its various Personalities, experiences that will teach the entirety of Soul that; All is One = Creator. The equation looks something like; Personalities look to Know Soul, Soul looks to Know Creator.

It is helpful here to understand that Knowing is not “thinking” or “desiring,” or “belief” but actually Knowing, at all levels, that All is One. Belief is not the same as Knowingness, “I believe I am one with the Creator” is not the same thing as “Knowing” it. Any given being’s process goes from basic separation through a process of ever increasing self-awareness until a complete Knowing that All Is One. This process is: Experience leads to awareness, awareness leads to understanding, understanding leads to Knowingness. This equation can be seen at the micro level; I gained some experience of the piano through playing it, my awareness of it’s full capability grew as I continued to explore it, eventually I understood the nature of the instrument and finally came to a comfort level that can only be described as a Knowingness - this taught me something deep about myself. The equation works on the macro level as well through the Soul based process, life experience leads to awareness and understanding about aspects of existence (learning to enslave others or be enslaved by others) and this in turn adds to the totality of the Soul’s experience which is also leading to Knowingness of All is One. We can pull back even further in our image sequence and see that the Creator is a larger Soul, housing an infinite number of Souls, and Personalities, and Personality aspects within the totality of the All.

The Creator is All: You, me, the other 6.5 billon folks on the planet, the animals, the trees, the stars, the known and the unknown - All That Is. The holographic nature of the Creator means: if one, then all. Each Soul is the Creator, and the Creator is each Soul. You are the All.


You are
choosing everything you experience, where you are in your life is the culmination of all of the choices you have made. The troubling cry often heard is “I wouldn’t have chosen this...” but you did. If it is in your reality, you have a resonance for it, therefore you projected it there; ergo you chose what you projected.

Everything you do is a part of this process of experience-awareness-understanding-Knowingness. One can get distracted, off course, lost and overwhelmed by the process. Personal healing is about balancing things that may conflict with the process of your personal evolution. Personal healing is about empowerment, not power. Power is control over others; empowerment is control over your reactions and responses to the reality
you create. In order to control your reactions and responses, you must understand yourself better.

The Harmonizing Statements Technique helps you understand yourself better. The Harmonizing Statements process is predicated on one truth: either you are in charge of everything in your reality, or you are in charge of nothing. You can’t be in charge of some things and not others – this is victim-hood and there are no victims. Since you are in charge, you can make changes to actually alter the reality you interact with – if you know what issues need changing. Harmonizing Statements help you figure out the issues, as well as heal yourself.

There are a few things to keep in mind when undertaking a personal healing process, as opposed to an assisted one. From day one, we are trained to run to others to get “help.” At first we need our parents (we crawl or run to them for everything). Then we run to teachers, friends, policemen, politicians, doctors, and even God. The world is full of “helpers” and personal healing is not taught. Sadly many of us may experience great revelations or personal healing experiences but will dismiss them if others, professionals or intimates, do not verify those revelations. This process is about trusting your insight.

It can be a real challenge to change the beliefs that conflict with personal healing. The Harmonizing Statement process is personally based. Only you will fully understand the changes, the insights and the ramifications of your work with the technique. This is important, as to get the most out of the process, you must learn to trust the inner voice that is you. You should avoid looking to others to verify your insights, as the insights are there for you to learn to trust yourself. This does not mean you cannot consult with others, just avoid the need for reassurance from an external source.

When making strides in your healing process, changes may come too fast, understandings may reveal things about you, you didn’t want to see. This is okay, as growth is designed to breakdown barriers and reveal the hidden – you must be patient and seek inner grace. When one shifts the energy resonances within them, via any healing process, the changes can be uncomfortable. Symptoms of flu, depression, frustration, rage, and helplessness are all part of the shifting process. Again, the inner voice is key here, listen to your inner voice as it will guide you to what needs further attention and that which is part of the post-shifting integration process and requires nothing more than patience.

Sometimes things won’t change fast enough. When one comes to a great revelation they often want the change to take place on the spot. See the “reality shifting” page on this topic for more understanding in this area. Be patient with your process, rushing things only creates desperation resonance, which is not very helpful. There is only process and everything you do is part of that process.

While working with this process, one needs to fully understand that:
there are no mistakes, only choices that lead to more choices. This technique helps expose the choices you have made, and reveal the choices you have.

Fully accept that idea that judgment is the single greatest barrier to personal healing. “I’m not doing it right,” “I will never get it,” are phrases that are the bane of personal healing. Stop judging yourself! To be effective, one needs to work with this process, not against preconceived notions about how everything is
supposed to be and isn’t. The process of personal transformation is not bound by preconceived notions and preprogrammed beliefs, while the process of “prescribed” healing often is.

See the process of personal healing as a great adventure, with no end, only more and more moments where the revelations are wonderful. The future does not exist; getting out into the future while undertaking personally healing is a disaster. The process is the process and everything takes as long as it takes. In fact, the process is the whole point of the journey. Personal healing is best done with a heaping dose of humor. If you can see even the seemingly most unbalanced aspects of yourself, or the worst trauma’s you’ve experienced, with the lighter frequencies of humor (leave the drama behind) you will do a lot to shift the resonances that are slowing down your process.