What Is Resonance

The first thing we need to talk about is resonance. A resonance within you is a frequency with a certain signature to it - a title if you will, which vibrates within your field of consciousness. A resonance can be simple along the lines of a preference for a certain food, or complex, the resonance combination that attracts your mate to you. Individual resonances combine to create more complex resonances; a preference for a food you only eat with your mate. Resonances combine in an infinite number of ways, in infinite complexity. Vibrating energy within you, each with a signature to it, is what makes up the personality that is you, and in turn your reality. In our image we can see resonance as energy spheres, each with a signature or title, each contained within the larger you, each influencing your reality.

You are made up of energy spheres, resonances that help define what you manifest in your reality.

The resonances we are referring to are very similar to musical tones and we can use an expanded understanding of a musical note expression to illuminate the concept of personal resonance and what resonance does. When a “E” string on a piano is struck, all of the other “E” strings vibrate imperceptibly in harmony. They must, as there is a harmonic resonance between them. Many people see this as “Like Attracts Like” but this isn’t entirely accurate. A hamburger sitting on your counter is not attracting more hamburgers, is it? The hamburger has no energy source to attract more hamburgers to it, as such, like does not always attract like. The piano string on the other hand has energy applied to it, by a catalyst – the hammer, that vibrates the string and therefore creates the resonant vibration in all strings of the same tone. The harder the hammer hits, the more the companion strings vibrate.

So, more accurately, resonance attracts a corresponding resonance as long as the resonance vibrates with enough intensity. The manifestation of a hamburger is based on an energized projection of a certain inner frequency(s) within the intended consumer, which then manifests the reality. To simplify, think of a tone within you creating an image in front of you: an inner hamburger tone, rattling strong enough and with enough energy, creates a hamburger via a common way to manifest it - buy one. If the hamburger tone is stronger than the hot-dog tone, the hamburger is the manifested food.

Musical Notes and Their Visual Translation

Below we can see how an audible musical note creates another corresponding manifested physical form. We observe this through the process of translating sound frequencies to physical images via cymatics. Below we see the energy created by a vibrating piano string translated into a physical image.

In the photos above: C2 represents a “cymatic” style physical expression of a vibrating C2 note on a piano. Image E2 is an E2 on a piano, with C2+E2 being the two combined (notice they are not overlays of the two, but a new form). We can see a “simple” tonal expression (C2) added to a second “simple” resonance (E2) gives us a more complex structure. The last image is a snapshot of a moment in Beethoven’s 9th Symphony; a very complex expression of tonal resonance as seen in physical form through the cymatic translation process.

Why is this important? We can look at our cymatic translation of one resonance - sound, to another - visual, as an excellent metaphor for what is happening to us. A resonance within us, triggered in some way to vibrate, (like the hammering of a piano string triggers the E2 to sound), is sending out a signal, which is intended to find a matching external image to interact with. When emanating from you, frequency vibrations actually create the reality you see in front of you by drawing things to you. The resonance resides within you, the power source resides within you, the activation stimulus is perceived to be external but it is actually within you too - your reality is a reflection of all of that:

Inner Frequency Resonance + Inner Activation + Inner Energy = Material Reality.

Material Reality

Everything single thing in your material reality is there because you have a resonance, a vibration, for it. Your home, your car, your job, your mate, your shoes, are all in your reality because you projected an inner resonance into your outer reality. Think of yourself as the projector in the movie theater. Your energy is the light that powers (illuminates) the film, the film is your resonance (frequencies you express), the screen image is your reality (the interactions designed to help you evolve).

Resonances within create the reality you interact with.

Continuing with our projector analogy, where does the ”resonance” on the film originate from? The resonances you project into your reality have many origins, some are consciously acquired, some are learned and some chosen. Many are acquired via mechanisms beyond the five sensory input systems. The world you live in suggests them to you: TV, Radio, Family, Friends, Religious Beliefs all contribute resonances that may, or may not, manifest in your reality. Some resonances come from the collective consciousness, even ancestors you have never met can add a vibe here and there, and some come from places as mysterious as your DNA and the celestial bodies.

Some of the resonances that created your reality have been laid out by Soul, You, as a result of your personal evolutionary process. In short, they come from everywhere - you have spent your entire life shopping for resonances to manifest - many of them conflicting resonances. As a result of some reckless purchasing, your consciousness has been trying to sort through the resonance clutter to manifest things consistent with an efficient personal growth process - Knowing that All Is One. Resonance conflict often creates an inefficient growth process, two or more resonances competing for manifestation (which college to attend, to break up with your mate or not). Whether or not you manifest a particular resonance is a complicated matter. Suffice it to say, if
anything has manifested in your reality, you have a resonance for it and you are manifesting it. If you are manifesting something, you can control your effort (to a degree which we will cover later) but only when you fully understand the equation: Everything, no matter how pleasurable, good, odd or bad, is being manifested, by you, because you have an internal resonance for it and you are applying energy to that resonance in order to make it “manifest” as a reality for you to interact with.

Your reality is a perfectly mirrored reflection of your inner resonances. In our projector analogy, the odds of changing the image on the screen by attacking the image itself are zero - you cannot change what is projected
after it has been projected. You cannot change your “physical” reality from the outside anymore than you can change the image on the screen without changing the film in the projector. Yet, when you stop and see our equation properly, you can turn around and adjust the resonance that resides within you, on the film contained in the projector, and change the image - actually change your reality!

Inner Conflict With the Concept

The inner conflict arising in you now is the belief that you have indeed altered your realty from the outside. One may say that cutting your hair is altering your reality from the outside. This is inaccurate, the resonance to need a haircut at all is one installed within you, most likely in childhood. The standard place to execute that resonance is a professional hairdresser - another resonance within, and the desire to execute a new cut or repeat the same cut, is also a resonance contained within you. All of those resonances have come together to manifest an aspect of you to cut your hair and it is you that is activating all of them when you determine a cut is needed. The hairdresser you have chosen is one who you have a resonance for; you chose this one as opposed to the thousands of others. Energy is applied to all of those resonances, and many others, to manifest the haircut in your reality. The actual haircut is the last part of this equation. The Harmonizing Statement Process will show you that even the hairdresser is indeed you.

It should be said at this point, you have a resonance for this particular technique, as you are here. If you want to find out more about that, then continue on.

I would suggest taking a break here and pondering the notion that resonance is what creates reality.


Meditate for a moment on the idea that everything in your reality is there because you have an internal resonance for it - everything.

Inner Frequency Resonance + Inner Activation + Inner Energy = Material Reality.