The Resonance Matrix

Resonance Verses Desire

Your reality is a complex system of resonance manifestation, some of it is seen as wonderful, and some of it is seen as not so great. Rather than examine reality from absurdly subjective “good or bad” context, we’ll look to learn to examine it in an entirely different way, without the judgment. We will first take a look at resonance in terms of our sense of strengths and weaknesses. Most people wish to believe that, all things being equal, strengths will always trump weakness due to the “desire” factor. Meaning, if one has a weakness for alcohol abuse, the “desire” not to drink should outweigh the resonance for drinking and sobriety always wins. Clearly this is not the case, but why?

Resonance is not an energy that bears any real connection to the manifestation of desire as we traditionally know it - as seen by the example above. The resonance elements contributing to alcohol abuse must be rather complex given all the possible contributing factors in our personal resonance matrix. Resonance activation is a complex structure, which is made more complicated by the fact that multiple resonances are always in play, where as the beliefs surrounding single-minded desire as a major manifesting force, imply that desire is the
only mitigating issue – this inaccurate belief structure leads to serious frustration.

Our reality reflects multiple resonances projected at once. Our reality is made up of resonances we are not even remotely consciously aware of, not just the ones we consciously desire to manifest. There is not one among us who doesn’t desire to be rich, yet there are few among us who are. The reason for this is resonance; there are energized beliefs within us that are contrary to the manifestation belief that everyone can be rich, these resonances are just as active as the desire to be rich. There is a gigantic planetary resonance that promotes the idea that there are the poor and the rich and not everyone can be rich as there have to be plenty of poor who support the rich – this resonance is not in us by choice per se, but is a mitigating factor in us all nonetheless, as it can be found in everyone’s energy field (even the rich).

Poverty mentality is another resonance that plays into the lack of wealth manifestation, this resonance’s effect is exaggerated by the belief that everything is external – money is a thing that exists outside oneself rather than a resonance within that is manifested (if you manifested fulfillment of your needs via effective and efficient resonance projection, would you still need money?). Often, people don’t even have the requisite resonance of skills to be rich, but they have an elaborate resonant desire for wealth beyond their means. If desire were the end all be all resonance, we’d all be rich, and thin, and popular and so on.

Desire is one resonance within, one often installed via advertising, marketing, or other mechanisms. The installation of these resonances often have little or nothing to do with growth. Introducing the idea that the manifestation of an internal resonance should be tied to your personal evolutionary process is the key to transforming you existence.

Resonance And Growth

There are two main driving forces in our resonance manifestation system: 1. We manifest things that are good for our evolution, even if they are not pleasurable or fun. 2. We manifest things that are unrelated to any aspect of our growth – often things programmed into us via: national culture, TV, religion, family etc., which are often tied to irrational desire. The two are not always in alignment and this creates internal conflict – another resonance that is separate from the original resonating energies. I have a minor, not very evolved, resonance for a Ferrari sports car. I really
desire one, I really think I deserve it, but the responsibility and expense associated with maintaining such a vehicle would clearly alter my growth process (my entire life would become about maintaining the car!) – so growth process trumps desire and the car is never manifested. The fact that I know this, means I have not created a conflict resonance over this lack of a Ferrari in my life.

Desire, wish, hope are concepts often centered around thought, not substantive resonance. The two are not the same thing. If we’re manifesting all thoughts, most of our lives would resemble total chaos, as we often jump from one thought to another faster than the speed of light travels. Fortunately for us, thought isn’t the only force associated with manifestation of our reality. A manifesting resonance is a vibration that has enough charge to it that it can access an external energy to engage it. Desire, wish, hope rarely have any substantive activating energy behind the themes attached to them, leaving those resonances as useless as a broken guitar string.

Often resonance attracts a reality that seems in total contradiction to a focused thought. This creates confusion amongst many. If I have insecurity, I will manifest things that reinforce that insecurity until I balance this issue – in order to grow I have to manifest things that will balance the unbalanced. I will not manifest things that soothe the insecurity or make it go away like mommy used to, not even if I change my thought patterns and think more positively. This creates the confusion among many, “how come I keep thinking positive thoughts and bring the opposite?”

The “like attracts like” teachers suggest “thinking” something that is opposite of insecurity to avoid attracting insecurity triggering energies – think “confidence.” The clear issue with this is the “confidence” thought is just that, a thought, while the insecurity issue is an energized resonance. Attempting to “think” a counter thought to a resonance, a vibrating resonance often born of actual experience, only creates internal conflict which, more often than not, leads to
more manifestation of the actual resonant issue. Thought is not a countering energy to resonance in most cases, especially not to resonances with substantial energy.

Evolution is about harmonizing resonances that are in contradiction to the reality that All Is One. Fear, insecurity, control of others are all resonances that are out of alignment with Ultimate Unity. One needs to bring external interactions based on those discordant resonances to grow beyond the limitations those resonances create. We are often taught to find ways to avoid manifesting reflections of those resonances which is counter to the process of life. We should be looking for ways to consciously manifest reflections that facilitate the most efficient growth process.

Always seek to manifest things that are in alignment with growth.
overcoming fear, judgment)

You Create Your Reality

The understanding to be gained by truly integrating this resonance issue is this: if you are attracting things that instigate fear within you, i.e. bosses who abuse you, the origins of this are a resonance within
you. You have manifested this resonance. If you seek to cover up the resonance, by “thinking” harder for a nicer boss, you have done nothing to balance the resonance within you that attracted the abusive boss in the first place. As such, you will attract another abusive person and another as long as the resonance is still there. If you take the opportunity to see the abusive boss as a tool, a guide to seeing your inner resonance system more clearly, you can then use his/her abuse to balance the resonance within you, thereby assuring a graduation from manifesting the offending reflection ever again. This consciousness process means you cannot be a victim of the boss’s abuse, but the actual originator of the energy that created it – you are the Creator.

Let’s use another metaphor. Your reality is like a never-ending play. Everyone in your reality are actors in that play. You invited them into your play, via your resonance, to act a part in your reality-play that will help you gain the knowingness you need to evolve. You give them a script, via
your resonance, and they perform exactly as directed by you. Everyone in your reality is doing exactly what you asked them to do via your resonance. Every line spoken, every set piece, every action taken is encompassed in a scenario that is directed by the energy within you – specifically formulated for your evolution - the abusive boss was actually hired by you!

“But I would never want an abusive boss, he’s just abusing me because he had a bad childhood, and it has nothing to do with me.” Besides being a judgmental statement, it is inaccurate. The reason you have the “abusive” boss is because you chose him based on a resonance you have and you invited him into your reality play – you selected that boss, as opposed to the nice boss in the next building, precisely due to resonance. As such, the abusive boss is acting on your direction, until you relieve him from that duty by shifting your resonance enough that there is no longer a powered resonating force within you that will generate the need for that reflection. Once the resonance in you changes enough that it is no longer an issue, either the boss will change his energy toward you or the job will end.

Why are resonances between people not consistent, why is a jerk not a jerk to everyone? We see the effect of different resonances producing different reflections all the time. Your abusive boss may be one that no one seems to get along with. Yet, while hanging out in the lunchroom a coworker is often heard saying “the boss is fine, I get along with him/her really well.” This individual is often chastised for being out of the mainstream view and may be dismissed. How can this be, doesn’t majority rule here, isn’t an abusive boss an abusive boss? This answer to this question is simple, resonance. Our coworker is accessing a different resonance than the others, thereby accessing a different reflection creating a different interaction. A deeper examination shows us that all the complainers have the same resonance as the abusive boss, and the reason they took the job with that individual in the first place is they have a resonance for that kind of reflection. Varying interactions with people should be expected as each of us “connects” to each other via a resonance unique to us, not a generic one.

Notice in our image how each multi-resonant individual shares a different resonant connection with other multi-resonant individuals via a different color. The connections vary in intensity depending on connection. The connections are dependent on a matching resonance and vary from person to person without regard to the totality of connections to everyone. The boss can be abusive to you, via a pink connection, and connect with compassion with another coworker via a yellow connection. This seemingly hypocritical interaction is completely consistent with resonance connection.

By clearly seeing the process of resonance connection we must alter our use of judgment - we shouldn’t be judging at all but evaluating. Is the boss really abusive, or is the reflection given back to certain employees consistent with their resonance projection? If the abuse is consistent with their resonance, can the boss really be judged harshly of the process that is actually teaching everyone involved something they need to learn, something that only exists because of the resonance contained within?

What does my reality say about me?

If you are a victim, everyone “does things to you,” then this requires an individual(s) to voluntarily stop doing something to you in order to cease an interaction. If you are doing it to yourself, via resonance, then you can stop at any time – but only if you know what the resonance is. “How do I know what the resonance is, after all it is just in me somewhere floating around?” The clue is right in front of you! The resonance that is an issue is manifesting right in front of you.

As we see here again, resonance contained within us, projects into our reality. The reality is the product of the resonance within, here we just work backwards in our equation to find the hidden energies that need the healing.

We ask ourselves the question “what does this say about me” about
everything in our reality? If we ask this about our abusive boss, it says there is a resonance for this energy somewhere in us. It is our job then to discover the nature of the resonance and balance it. It is important here to see that the psychology 101 reason for why our boss is abusive (he had a bad childhood and hates people like me) is utterly and completely irrelevant to you and can be totally misleading in our resonance Harmonizing Statement Process. If you have an abusive boss you may very well have a matching resonance for “bad childhood” or you may not, but limiting the effects of the Harmonizing Statements Technique to oversimplified definitions of consciousness expression will only limit the depth of the inner understanding to be had from the process. We match certain resonances, rarely do we match entire consciousness resonances unless we have decided that it is time to really take care of some business and do some serious healing.

Everything everyone says to you or does to you is a clue to the resonances within you.
(listen carefully to the clues!)

Say you used to be overweight, but lost all the excess weight two years ago. One day while getting ready for dinner at the parents house, you noticed you gained two pounds and panicked about putting it all back on. You changed clothes to hide the perceived fat issue and head off to a family dinner at mom and dad’s. Upon arriving at the house, your mother says, straight away, “you’ve put on weight.” The reason she said this is you have a resonance for that being said to you - a weakness. Your mother said, “you’ve put on weight” as opposed to “how was the drive,” precisely because you activated that resonance before you left. She chose to mention the weight because your “fear of putting on weight” resonance started rattling so loud that it required someone to acknowledge it for you to see you had the issue. By drawing attention to the resonance, an opportunity is presented: one can balance the issue, or one can reinforce the distorted resonance.

“She’s just being mean, she’s always mean to me like that.” This may be true, but the point is, without the internal resonance, she won’t say anything about your weight – it is
you that invited it with your weight insecurity resonance. So we can be a victim of the statement or we can jump into proactive mode and ask, “did she just say that, what does this say about me?!” It says very clearly, “I have some underlying issues with my beliefs about weight, that, in spite of losing weight, have not gone away and I need to do some balancing.” Great, now we can do something about the resonance, as we know what it concerns. In this case, the absence of a weakness about weight means that our mean mother will have one less thing to be mean to us about and we are the stronger for it.

Contradictory Resonance

We often feel if we can just get a break, we can manifest what we really want – “if I could just manifest a house like all of my friends my life would be perfect, so why can’t I do it, why won’t it happen for me - I’m so frustrated and angry?” Here we need to look at contradictory resonance effect. Let’s assign an arbitrary power numbers to some resonances.
I desire a three-bedroom house, this has a resonance power of 10 within me. My parents will give me some money for a down payment only - power resonance of 25. Seems fair so far. Now we’ll look at some contradictory resonance within me. I have a total fear of responsibly for anything of this magnitude – resonance power number 50. I love my job more than anything and won’t leave it; it only pays 15 dollars an hour, which is not enough for a mortgage payment – resonance power number 75. It is just my cat and myself, our space is fine for now – resonance power number 10.

If we stop there we have, a resonance power number of 35 on the side of going into debt to buy a house. On the side against buying a house we have a resonance power number of 135. The conflict resonance issue is the source of our internal conflict, not the actual reality we have manifested. This simple breakdown does not even include a multitude of other internal resonances, including some very subtle but powerful ones.
Soul wishes to move to another country in 6 months and will not support house purchase - conflicting resonance number 1500. All of these resonances contribute to your reality, the less conflict the more smoothly the process of your evolution is processed, the more conflict, the less graceful the evolutionary process. Much of the conflict and trauma we “feel” is not reality based, that is, our reflected reality is not that awful. The trauma (often drama) is actually resonance conflict based and much of the resonance conflict is based on resonant energies acquired without regard to personal growth.

Contradictory resonance is rampant in all of us. In some cases it can be downright debilitating. Take a person who has an elaborate fear resonance of working. This person may also have an elaborate fear resonance of being poor and homeless. If the person gets a job, the fear of working kicks in - causing them to quit. If this person doesn’t work, the fear of being poor and homeless kicks in. The common answer to a fear of being poor is “get a job” but what if the resonance for a job is more troubling than the resonance for being poor? This is the catch twenty-two, working brings up issues via resonance, not working brings up issues via resonance - a paralysis can take over. Now what if this person has another, less elaborate, resonance for expecting to be rich and isn’t? While the latter resonance is laughable to others, “he has no job, how can he expect to be rich,” the resonance is logically based.

Many experience contradictory resonance with regard to intimate relationships. Often people have a fully formed insecurity resonance that demands they get into a relationship, as being single brings up insecurity - insecurity related to being alone. Once in a relationship they have another fully formed insecurity resonance, a contradictory resonance, that demands they get out of the relationship - fear of the responsibility of a relationship and possible failure is often a root issue. These two polarized resonances create incredible internal conflict as they rage on for supremacy. If one is in a relationship they are gripped by fear and insecurity (the relationship itself doesn’t seem to mitigate it) and if they are out of a relationship they are gripped by fear and insecurity (being out doesn’t mitigate that issue either) Now what happens if we add a third fully formed expectation based resonance that “knows” what their ideal relationship is
supposed to be like - the one they can’t get into or stay in, based on the other polarized contradictory resonances?

Expectation Resonance

Expectations are the one of the most unhelpful resonating energies to personal evolution there is. Expectations are resonances of what a future event or an experience “should” be. Expectations, no matter what the reason, clearly invite conflict resonance issues in most, as the energy is often created out of thin air. Imagine you had developed great expectations surrounding a movie - you are sure it was going to be great and you’d really enjoy it. Half-way through the actual movie you find you are disappointed at how bad it is, how it doesn’t resonate with you at all. Upon leaving the theater, the disappointment energy persists at being ripped off, mislead by the marketing and so on. But is the issue actually with the movie, or is the issue with the conflict resonance created by the voluntary effort made to create a resonance of expectation about the movie before actually seeing it? Expectations were installed by the movie makers to get you to activate that resonance and pay to see the movie, the movie itself is what it is.

A bad movie experience is a simple example of expectation conflict that is easily gotten over, but what if we applied this to a relationship. What if the younger aspects of self (i.e.15 year -old) knew exactly how your future relationship was to be and created a resonance based on those expectations - expectations derived from movies, television shows and just plain fantasy? And what if the person you eventually meet, the one you “fall in love with,” doesn’t meet a single one of those expectations, but matches many of the inner resonances you were ashamed of instead? The inner conflict in this situation is massive. Often the relationship conflict ends up being not about what the relationship is, but about what the relationship is supposed to be and is not. More to the point, the person you are with is an actual reflection of you, the resonances within you, even the ones you don’t care for.

A significant amount of the “trauma” we face, in all of our experience, but especially in relationships, is because people are not meeting the expectations we have for them. Yet, they are matching resonances we have, the resonances we are creating our reality with. One of the key things about evolving is defining where the ideas, beliefs and expectations we have actually come from, and then balancing those resonances so we no longer create unnecessary resonant conflict. Resonance conflict is a part of our daily lives, most is harmless, but some can be downright debilitating. Expectations nearly always conflict with what is actually happening in the moment.

The serene coherent blue harmony resonance is in balance with regard to living in the moment. The expectation resonance is made up of tiny, conflicting, incoherent energies attempting to act as one. Resonance conflict has these two energies fighting for supremacy in a myriad of scenarios.

Fear Resonance

In Orwell’s
1984, all people were seen to have a fear so great that they could be controlled by it – a resonance. Winston Smith’s fear of rats was a weakness that allowed him to be controlled through an exploitation of that fear. But what if he had no fear of anything at all? Resonances that are not balanced are weaknesses, but that is all they are – weakness is not shameful. We are taught to be ashamed of our weakness by a generic set of rules handed to us by society, family, religion etc., but are we not just working out imbalances within us?

A child who is just learning to walk is not seen as defective – harshly judged for not walking on the first try, so why is an adult who struggles with their weight judged as defective – inviting shame? It is important to see the resonances, and the reality they reflect, without this form of self-judgment - shame. Shame and fear resonances can go hand in hand and it is important not to judge the shame resonances as to do so tends to amplify the fear resonances. We all have fears but they too are nothing more than confused resonances in conflict and can easily be used to strengthen our system.

Let’s look at an interesting fear resonance and how it plays out: a fear of flying. The standard way to deal with fear of flying is conditioning of some sort, which doesn’t actually deal with the issue of resonance. This process only attempts to create a more forceful countering resonance - inviting conflict resonance. For a moment I am going to ignore the issue of collective consciousness resonance that says this: flying has only been in the collective consciousness for a short time and, as a form of travel, reflects nothing that has come before, as such, is fear inducing by its curious nature. We will look at the issue from a personal resonance point of view.

When one gets on a plane the chances of them knowing how it actually operates, even in the vaguest sense, is unlikely. Few understand the most basic notion of “thrust greater than drag, apply lift” and off you go, let alone the ins and outs of elevators, jet engines, altimeters and the like. So, we can deduce that getting on a plane is an act of trust. If you don’t know how a plane flies, would you trust yourself to fly it? Of course not! So we can deduce that a fear of flying is primarily based on the notion that an ignorance of the mechanics of flying activates a resonance within that immediately activates a distrust of
oneself to fly a plane. One fears flying because they can’t fly a plane and don’t trust themselves to do so.

This makes perfect sense, no need to condition one’s thinking, what one needs to do is see clearly an entirely new equation based on resonance and reflection: me/the pilot, can fly the plane otherwise I/the pilot, would not be flying me /the passenger. Simple, fear of flying, or driving, or skydiving is simple a lack of inner trust that you can do something you don’t know how to do.

The inner trust is an issue at the core of many unbalanced resonances with us –
if you distrust someone, it is because you don’t trust yourself. If you don’t trust the pilot, you don’t trust yourself. Below we see a standard seed of origin formula with regard to trust issues. The extensions emanating from the seeds are the issues associated with “trust.”

Based on our resonance equation, we can see that the fact that we resonate a lack of self-trust, we manifest reflections in our reality that show us this. Through some unhelpful education about our reality, we focus our frustration on the extensions seen in our representation, which is just the reflection of the seed resonance, not the actual issue which is really just a symptom.

That said, here are some other key resonance reflections that need to be turned around the right way – resonance attracts resonance:

      A seed resonance of distrust in self, or a fear of a physical thing, can create a resonant distortion that confuses the original issue beyond recognition. Once the seed is established, subsequent actions reinforce the symptom, a string of bosses who don’t trust you, when in fact the issue is not the symptom, bosses, but a resonance within. Harmonizing Statements help reveal the seed the symptom reflects.

      Resonance Judgment

      Resonances are just energies vibrating within us, the manifestation of them brings them into the judgmental zone. Once in the judgmental zone - earth reality, we use our handy reality checklist to see what is good or bad. The checklist coming from all the usual suspects: Family, school, religion, culture. The resonances themselves are neither good nor bad in and of themselves. I have a resonance, installed by my family and culture, that haggling is a crass thing to do and shows very bad form. When someone from a culture that lives for haggling engages me and insists on haggling, the resonance within me that has been told that to haggle is offensive is triggered and I am in conflict. But is haggling offensive, wrong or crass? More importantly, the presence of this haggler in my world indicates to me that I need to take look at the resonance, as either I am a born haggler and didn’t know it and need to access that tool – I might even enjoy it, or am so concerned about the shame of haggling I have brought the haggler to me to deal with this issue. The judgment here is applied to being “forced” to haggle, as there is no judgment while the resonance remains dormant.

      In order to heal, we cannot judge ourselves as to judge causes more unbalanced resonance. Everything in your reality is there based on a resonance within you and nothing more. Things that are unbalanced are not defects to be ashamed of but things to balance. The whole of you can be seen as a gigantic bunch of grapes – resonances spheres, and a few of the grapes are moldy but you can’t see them as they are deep within the bunch, deep within your resonance field. So you ask others to show you the moldy ones, through resonant reflection, so you can clean them out before they destabilize the entire system. The moldy ones are not the entirety of you, only parts of you that need some work. To judge the resonances, and in turn the reflections, is to separate them from you, inhibiting your ability to effectively balance the issues – judgment is a form of denial and things denied cannot be healed. Stop judging others, see them as a reflection of you and use them as a tool for growth. The judgment adds more unhelpful energy to the already unbalanced aspects of ourselves. When using the Harmonizing Statement Technique, a total absence of self-judgment is a must.

      Resonance Revelation

      Resonances are often built up based on years of experience, reinforcing a resonance seed. A fear of water as a child will have built up an unimaginable resonance if water has been avoided since childhood based on the fear. This resonance is a force. Let’s look at how this might play out. I have a fear of water from a bathtub incident when I was three, an incident I no longer remember. To me, the adult, I have had issue after issue with water but I just accept it as me, “it is the way I am” (avoiding pool parties, fearing the beach, taking only showers etc.). I go to check into a hotel in which the only available room is right next to the pool. I freak out and I attack the hotel manager for doing this to me. I am totally justified into stomping off and going to a new hotel as he pushed a major fear button, a button he had no right to push.

      What if I took a minute to see the hotel manager was just doing what I told him to do, force me to deal with my fear of water weakness by presenting me with a circumstance to deal with it? What if, rather than walk away again, I took a moment to see that it was
      all just a reflection of me? What if I took five minutes to do some Harmonizing Statements to find the real origin of my flip out and discovered, through my inner voice, that the issue was being left in the tub and almost drowning at age three? What if I then took a few more moments and healed that aspect of myself? And what if, following a wonderful self-healing moment, I asked the hotel manager if he knew of a swim instructor who could come to help me learn to swim, thereby really overcoming the issue and turning a weakness into a strength?

      Left to our own devices, our imbalances will be worked around and avoided with near perfection. Some of us can go an entire 80-year lifetime without dealing with our fears and imbalances, in spite of the fact that countless attempts by
      ourselves were made to balance the issues via external reflections. The “external” world is there to help us deal with these things, yet each time they come to help, i.e. the hotel manager forcing the issue, we retreat, blame, and even attack, the messenger – the messenger is us. I’ll say this again; the energy manifesting the antagonizing energy is us. People are doing what we told them to do in order to help us, not hurt us. We are all working together to assist each other in Knowing we are the Creator. So why not take the challenges as opportunities rather than attacks?

      The Younger-Selves Influencing Factor

      Our water example demonstrates an important point; resonances don’t go away because your focus of attention has shifted. We tend to think that if we are no longer involved in something, the resonance is gone. In our water example, it was the three year old that suffered the trauma, not the person checking into the hotel. As we grow older, our focus of attention shifts to that which is in alignment with where are at in that moment, but the past resonances are still there –
      in their entirety. Our image below is a representation of an individual incarnation on the earth plane. Notice the serene face at the top is you, the inner representations are you too. All the inner aspects of yourself still exist, in their entirety, within you, only your focus of attention has shifted to a new area within your timeline – present moment. This means that all the infant-selves, and the teenage-selves, and the older-selves all exist and the resonances within them are still present. Your body has changed and your focus of attention has shifted, but all the resonance accumulated from moment one is still there. Much of the resonance is harmless because it is balanced, but quite a bit is not, your present reality is a reflection of all of that resonance. In the image below, each hash mark has a corresponding aspect associated with it, which in turn has a lot of resonance attached to it.

      Each hash mark represents another slice of your consciousness, all aspects of you exist, only your focus of attention has shifted from infancy to to the age you are now.

      These younger aspects can be accessed at anytime, as such, the resonance within them can as well. This can create conflict within us leading to curious choices. At seven years old I wanted a bike. I demanded my parents buy me a bike for my birthday. Unbeknownst to me, we didn’t have enough money for a bike at that time, so my birthday passed without the bike. I was traumatized, all my friends had that bike and I didn’t. At 35 I happened to be in a big department store and noticed the bikes. Within seconds my seven-year-old’s resonance associated with the bike trauma had taken over my primary consciousness and I had to have a new bike, never mind I no longer had a need for a bike. Quickly I am “honoring the inner-child” and buying a bike I don’t need. The bike quickly takes a position in the corner of the bedroom, holding my dry-cleaned shirts, never ridden and still being paid off on my credit card.

      What happened? The resonance of the bike in the store triggered the resonance of my seven-year old and the seven-year old took over my primary consciousness and made an incredibly silly purchase. Now, had I taken a moment to notice the confusion erupting in me, and done some Harmonizing Statements I would have discovered that I did get the bike, two months later when my parents had the money, and the traumatized seven-year old aspect of me who experienced the birthday disappointment did not know this. Had I taken a moment of healing, I’d have saved myself the whole wasted effort. If I had only I seen the bikes in the store as an opportunity to balance, not to buy. After all, I did see the bikes even though I went to the store for a jacket. We can see in this case a thing, a bike, is our reflection, rather than a person, and that seemingly innocuous thing triggered the energy within that led to the bike I now own.

      Everything is a reflection of you:

        Reality As A Tool

        As we see by our examples and our images, resonance can be a complicated system. The process of resonance change would be undoable if we just sat down and said – heal me. Fortunately the system of life via Soul/Self, gives us an easy way to access the resonance files and make some changes – our reality is the access tool. The reality we are in tells us where we are at and where we need to be, as it is presumed that where we are at is
        exactly where we need to be based on our evolution. This means in order to fully utilize the Harmonizing Statement Technique, we need to stay in the moment and make the healing and discovery efforts in the present moment – the reality that is reflected in front of us right now is the perfect tool.

        The world is nothing but opportunity for growth. If you have it in your reality, you have a resonance for it – it is why you have “that” as opposed to another “that.” We have altered the meaning of the phrase “why does this keep happening to me,” from a phrase of hopeless victim-hood to a place of endless opportunity; “this keeps happening to me because I keep manifesting a resonance within me.” This shift in focus alone will alter many of the resonances within you still holding on to very unhelpful resonances of victim mentality. There are no victims.

        We are all working together to assist each other in reaching the Knowingness that All Is One. Each consciousness is working to help its fellow consciousness to see that fundamental truth. Each interaction is fundamentally based on a resonance that is within each “individual” participating. The constant of Freewill means an agreement is made within the participating consciousness’ to get together and explore that resonance for the benefit of both. There are no victims.

        Take a break and meditate on the idea that:

        Everything I manifest in my reality is there for my growth.