Video and Sound Production through Industrial Strength TV at:


Music by Joel Bruce Wallach. Available at:

The Device

The device used to assist you in experiencing the Harmonizing Statements to the fullest is a combination of: Light, Sound, and Special Tunings, combined with recorded clearing energies to assist in the processing of the resonances you seek to balance. You may use the video to clear ambient distortions in your space or elsewhere if you like. A copy of the video has been place in the download section without the voice over, as well as copies with the voice over. There are copies for iphone, mobile phone and the various platforms. Feel free to use them as you wish. You might wish to leave on your computer to assist in keeping you clear while working.

For mac users who wish to have this clearing movie as a desktop screensaver:
tutorial. Use the silent movie download as your screensaver.

Video Download Issues

On a Windows machine right+click the file and select "Save Target to
Desktop" or "Save Target As" from the choices.

On a Mac right+click (or control+click) the file and select "Save Link
As" from the choices.

For playback issues on a Windows machine, download Quicktime for
Windows and use that application for video playback.


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