I trust you will find the information on this site helpful. The site is designed with everything you need to explore your reality in a new way. You may wish to read it more than once, as the resistance to the information can create some initial confusion. As with anything, practice the technique. The learning comes from the practice of the technique; the more you use it, the more you learn about your reality.

I am optimistic that you are compelled by what you have learned here to look to make changes in the collective reality via the global project. If you find this information useful in anyway, you are encouraged to forward the information to others and certainly encouraged to link to this page on our own site.

Our collective reality is a perfect reflection of our inner resonance. It isn’t the world at large that needs to change, it is us - then and only then will the world change. An example of this would be the governments of world. The institution of government is a perfect reflection of our inner discord. We desire to be controlled by others, governments, but not controlled too much, or controlled in ways we later find unappealing. Governments are in the unenviable position of trying to control people at all levels - a reflection of our inner resonance that has us desiring the very control we end up railing against once we grow out of it. The institutions of control have no “stop” button, as institutions they do what they do and they do what the resonant energy of the masses demands. We never see governments giving back control (power) simply because we still need them via our resonance. We need to understand that is isn’t the kings of the world that are the problem, but our need for kings that is the problem. Our need is nothing more than a resonance, a vibration that can be changed.

Everything in the collective reality is a reflection of our resonance, much of it a horribly schizophrenic mess of conflicting resonances, but a reflection within. I’ll look to put up some more global assistants that seek to address some of the distorted resonances and I hope you will participate.

Occasionally I may update this blog page, but it will not be regularly - signing up for the global project assures that you will be notified of anything that is upcoming.