The Quantum Harmonizer 16 Years In the Making

SImple, Powerful and Life Changing

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The Story

Nearly two decades ago I set out to create energy clearing tools for the home and office. I wanted to make tools that were more powerful, more dynamic and easier to use then what was available at the time. The very first device was called the Living House Balancer and at the time was revolutionary in both its ease of use and its overarching effect. Since then I sought to simplify the device as well as enhance the consciousness building aspects.

Clearing the energy in a home or office was easy with the Living House Balancer (and the original personal protection devices I made) but was it possible to design devices that would help people evolve as well as clear the negative energy from their home, office and body? These Quantum Harmonizer devices are those devices, my Legacy tools.

These devices help you evolve, help add clarity, creativity as well as protection by helping you access your Creator Self, your Soul, and engaging it more directly with you. The bonus is that these are by far the easiest devices to use that I have ever created. I view them as a perfect balance of power and subtlety, of brute force and wisdom.

Over the last two decades I have placed devices in Homes, Offices, Shops, Salons, Gas Stations, Fitness Studios and even Four Major Film Studios. Those devices have produced all manner of monumental changes from more money, to better working relationships to unpredictable changes, but in each case it is the increase in awareness of the world around those who use them is what I am most proud of. After installing the devices folks quickly get a better feel for the environment around them, as such, they interact with it on a more genuine level and live calmer, more productive lives.

Thousands of devices sold and placed, no returns, no complaints.

If I may share a couple of typical examples:

  • An individual who is in the service industry placed a device in their personal room. Prior to installation they were seeing 25 clients a month. One month after installation they were seeing 25 a week!
  • A restauranteur opened a new fine dining Italian place. Business was very bad and I was called to see if I could help prevent closing it. The building was previously a failed nightclub, very bad energy and not on par with a fine dining place. Two months later the place was packed, 6 years later there is no slowing down.
  • A couple called about an apartment they were living in. They couldn't sleep, seem to have money troubles and were at each other all the time. One month after installation they moved. They are still doing just fine…

If you've got bad vibes, ghosts, conflict, poor energy flow, negative feelings you can use these tools. If you want to know more about yourself, increase your awareness about the reality you create or become more empowered you need these tools.

The price is low, especially relative to the cost of creation, because I want people to be empowered. There are hours and hours of FREE resources here, because I want people to be empowered, so please take advantage.

Thank you

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