The Quantum Space Shield For Home And Office

Put some lTranscendent Protectionon Prosperity, Creativity Health and Harmony

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Eliminate Negative Energy Enhance The Positive In Your Life

Just Stick The Card In The Appropriate Spot And Reap The Rewards

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The Quantum Harmonizer Space Shield
Nothing Else Like It On Earth

The Quantum Harmonizer Space Shield is the culmination of 16 years worth of research and design into creating effective tools to improve the quality of the energy in the home, office or anywhere the energy needs improvement; 16 years of proven success with thousands of devices in place throughout the country and the world. The compact business card size is by far and away the most powerful and most impressive tool created to date. There is literally nothing else like it on anywhere on Earth.

These devices were originally created to help clear the energy in any given space. The first version, the Living House Balancer, was stellar at changing both the energy and the lives of those using the device. Over time I sought to make the process more effective, using more sophisticated mechanisms to create deeper clearing. The Holographic process allowed me to take a large device and make it small. But I was not satisfied, I wanted folks to get something more.

These tools are the ultimate protection and consciousness expansion tool. YOUR Creator Self is brought into the process of protection, health, harmony, creativity and prosperity.

More Money.
Better Health.
More Harmony.
More Creativity.
Superior Protection.

All adding up to
Spiritual Clarity.


This version of the space shield ups the protection and energy clearing to new levels by providing transcendent protection, as well as transcendent: prosperity, creativity, health and harmony. This is accomplished by using the traditional system of energy transformation of the Holographic interface as well as adding the new system of facilitation by directly including the Creator Self connection. This new connection works to incorporate your Creator Self (Soul, Higher Self) into the process thereby creating transcendent protection. (Creator Self is a term used to help eliminate preconceived notions about Soul)

How does it work? A secondary field of energy that rides along with the standard home electrical wiring passes through the highly tuned Holographic interface it is altered from a disorienting energy to a positive enabling energy. I have worked with this process for 16 years, refining each tool to bring about greater clearing and protection. This device, while small, facilitates spectacular transformation in very brief periods of time. Simply put the device in place and let it do the work – there is nothing more for you to do.

You are provided with three devices, you can use one for home, office and travel. The travel one, when not being used for travel, can be used in addition to the home or office device for added protection – just put it where your intuition suggests; possibly near your work station (computer) or bedroom or even between you and a neighbor if needed.

1.The most powerful placement is the Breaker Box. Locate your power box or circuit breaker panel, it maybe in your house in a closet or on the wall, or outside. The location of the box does not matter. Determine if you are going to place the device inside the box or outside. Outside placement is fine unless someone might steal it or it might be subject to inclement weather. If the device is to be placed inside, simply place the two double-back tape pieces on the top and bottom of the device
on the soldier side. Open the panel door, then place the device on the door as close to the center as possible and close the door. If placing the device on the outside of the box, place the tape on the back of the card, and place the device on the box. Important: The
Soldiers Always Face Out.


2.If you do not have access to your panel, or do not feel comfortable putting something on or in it, then you may use the travel device to secure the device to a power supply. You’ll want to place it on something that is constantly drawing power, clock, computer or other high energy user. You will probably, but not
always, use this system for the office as well, as many offices do not allow easy access to the panel. Place the cord, or a few cords if you can, between the velcro strip and the device and leave it alone.


3.Travel. Simply take the travel device with you and attach it to a cord in wherever you are, make sure to take it with you when you leave. Make sure the cord has energy running through it, usually a clock works.


4.Office usage. Obviously a device on the main panel of an office is best, and I have placed them on the main panels in gas stations, hair salons, movie studios, fitness centers, retail stores, restaurants, even banks and all work just fine. But if you cannot access your panel, have no fear because placing the device at your desk will do just fine. You may place the device at your desk area by securing to the power supply cable
for your computer or other power source cables/wires (like an extension cord or power supply to the computer). Simply attach the device with tape, making sure the soldiers face away from the power source. You may also use velcro as I have in the provided travel unit, just nothing metallic like wire can be used.

Here are some examples of placement, ANYONE CAN STICK A CARD TO A BOX!!!!!!!!!