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Los Angeles Air Pollution

Los Angeles originated the concept of smog and symbolizes air pollution perfectly.

Air pollution is a reflection of us, here we'll look to clear the resonances within us that are air pollution.

~air assistant~

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Garbage Dump

The Puente Hills landfill outside of Los Angeles is one of the largest in the world, a perfect representation of the waste issue.

Here we are looking to transmute the energy that is our excess, or waste, energy.

~garbage assistant~

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World Currency

Currency is a major source of trouble for the world. Money is only an escrow account for value, but it has come to symbolize so much more.

"Money is us," here we are looking to balance the resonances within us that have created the planetary process of currency as a medium of exchange.

This can be an excellent reflection personally as well, for any issues you may have with money.

~money assistant~