Advanced Technique

Once you are comfortable with the basic uses of the Harmonizing Statements Technique you may wish to explore things at an even deeper level. While this isn’t necessary, the process can be very enlightening and add even more sophisticated levels of balancing and awareness.

Complex Resonances

Resonances combine in complex ways to create our reality. Each reflection is much deeper than we might imagine. While an argument with mom can be a present moment issue, the resonances that led to that argument are complex. What we are looking to do through the healing process is expose the seed of discord and heal that resonance. The Harmonizing Statements help reveal the seed, at which point we can go in reverse and see all the things attached to that seed and do some more effective healing work. **


Take money for example. Most people have issues with money. The issues with money will then lead to issues with: rent, credit cards, taxes, food, debt and so on. While we can look at each of those individually in a Harmonizing Statement Process, we can also look at them as part of the whole. In this case we’ll look at money by drawing a circle around the word money – this is our seed.

Next, we’ll draw a line connecting each issue associated with money. Debt, Credit Cards, Spending, Rent, Car Payment, Taxes, Owing Money, Borrowing Money, Spending Money, Bills and so on. Each related element we can connect with money gets an extension.

Now a more elaborate picture emerges, as we have a complex matrix of money and money related issues that might be contributing to our discord. The process of Harmonizing Statements is the same. Though in this case we are going to do a different pattern. Start in the center and say, “I Heal This Aspect Of Myself.” We then move to an extension, Debt, focus on it and say, “I Heal This Aspect Of Myself.” Then focus back on the center and again say, “I Heal This Aspect Of Myself,” and then out to the extension labeled Credit Cards and then back again to the center - Money. Work your way around the circle until all the extensions have been done. Then move on to the next Harmonizing Statement, “I Do Not Fear This Aspect Of Myself,” and do things in the same pattern. Work your way around the extensions until you have completed the sequence. Remember to monitor your process, speak clearly, don’t mumble, if you catch yourself rushing over “credit card debt” then go back and force yourself to be present during the sequence.

While you are working your way around you might start to notice things coming up. For instance after one sequence around, you realize that “Allowance” needs an extension – write it down and keep going, adding it to the cycle. For this you might internally notice that through the process of allowance, you fixated that all money is “spending” money. Children are rarely responsible for paying bills, as such the money children receive is spending money and not bill paying money. When bills first show up (bills are fees for service received after the service is rendered) the child aspect is confused. You may also find that “theft” seems to come up. Don’t judge it, write it down as a new extension. Write down anything that comes up and seems relevant and look to balance it.

Continue until it feels complete. If you feel you need to go through any sequence, or the entire sequence another time, feel free. If you feel you need to add a few statements that are not on the list, feel free. If you feel you need to do a particular Statement over and over again, feel free. Listen to your intuition. If you feel you need to revisit the sequence at a later date, feel free.


Work is one that holds a great many issues for most of us. We have a complex web of resonances that are manifested in the interactions in the work place.

Now we will add a few of the people we work with. We are sure to write down Robert who we know hates us (of course by now we know that we hate ourselves and Robert reflects this).

Now we will add some of the less tangible things that may be manifesting in the work place, like fear, insecurity etc. We spoke earlier about how a lack of trust in others is actually a lack of trust in self. It is important to keep this in mind as we add the other components like: Stress with work project, lack of respect (you don’t respect yourself so others don’t respect you) and insufficient wages.

While doing insufficient wages we might realize the pay is commiserate with the job, but not with our debt issues we explored when we did money. Now the pieces start to come together, the anger and frustration we experience at work is due to the fact we have over spent, too much debt, and the job cannot support the debt. We must then go back to balancing the issues with debt to balance work.

Things do not live in isolation so the advanced technique helps us see how everything is connected. Start with a center resonance and work your way out. Start with something tangible like “House.” Then look at what connects: Mortgage, responsibility, debt, taxes, space, furniture, safety etc. Or start with something less tangible, “Fear of Dogs” and see what extends from that.


This is a fun one. The relationships we have are all due to a resonance within. The pattern is there and can be easily seen if we don’t judge ourselves but look to heal without fear and judgment. By including all relationships we can see the patterns emerge. First we’ll focus on the people we dated, or had an interest with at some level. We could do people we slept with, or people we had crushes on but never dated, or people who dumped us. Any pattern is an option, but for now we’ll just do dates.

Now a pattern has emerged. You may find you only date emotionally unavailable men. “Why do I only date emotionally unavailable men” is a common cry but with our new understanding of resonance we can see we are dating ourselves, emotionally unavailable resonances attract emotionally unavailable resonances – it is not the men is it? We can add some more related relationships if we like.

We may start to see patterns of fear, insecurity or even anger and hate. We may see that each relationship is built on a foundation of these resonances.

Now we’re on to something, we are starting to see patterns in relationships, that, if we correlate the resonances with work/job, we can see the jobs we take are with people that are just like the people we date; which could go to say a lot about the debt we have. All relationships are a reflection of a resonance within, if you feel self-destructive you will bring a relationship based on what you know – what you resonate with. It is all you, as there are no victims.

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