The Technique

The technique requires nothing more than pen, paper and uninterrupted focus.

First you are going to determine what you are going to balance. Person, place or thing - anything that you come in contact with is a reflection of your reality. Your boss, your neighbor, your spouse, your teacher, your friend; anyone you may have some conflict or issue with. A thing can be done as well. If you have issues with computers, your car, the home you are living in, the homework you can’t bring yourself to do; if you can define it, and you have an issue with it, then it can be done. Name the person if you can, if you have issues with your “boss” use his or her proper name. Often people who fill roles in our lives, “boss,” are seen as the “image of the boss” and not as an individual evolving being (much of the conflict we have is due to this fact alone). If you have issues with your mom, try it using “mom” and then her given name - see if there is a difference, the same with brother or sister, check into issues with “cars” or your “car” in particular? Be as specific as you can. Here is an example: Aunt Jane is a total victim, every time you speak with her she goes on an on about how horrible her life is and how she’s the victim of the world at large. Aunt Jane is
YOU, a reflection of a resonance within you invites Aunt Jane to interact with you that way as opposed to another. So we write down Aunt Jane.

One cannot do people you don’t actually know - celebrities or public figures will not work for this process, and you can’t do mythological folks - Zeus or mermaids. The idea is to stick to actual personal reflections you have manifested in your reality. You can do people you are going to meet, someone you have a meeting with or an appointment with, such as a doctor or new client. Here is an example: You have a meeting with a potential new boss - Jim Rhodes, on Friday and are very nervous - Jim Rhodes is YOU, as Jim is a reflection of a resonance within you.

You can do friends where there is no long-standing conflict, but where one has arisen. Here is an example: Your friend Sarah Smith invites you to a party at her home, but you suddenly have fear about her invitation and attending the party.

We may also do inanimate things we may have conflict or issues with. Say for example you have issues with your computer, or car. The computer is a reflection of you.

Once you are settled and ready to begin, you must forcefully, say to yourself, “
THIS IS ME” the image on the paper is no longer an external image or person but it is YOU. This is extremely important, many have a hard time with this at first, but you must feel comfortable with seeing this person as you, as if you are looking in a mirror, but you must see the reflection is you.

The reason for the paper is important. We are looking at an image, in this case the name on the paper, and redefining it as you. This redefinition needs to be locked in, to contradict the notion that it isn’t you. This helps eliminate long-standing patterns of belief that will have you just saying to yourself “mom isn’t me, she is mom” thereby quitting the exercise. I recommend this always be done with paper; some folks can do this in their minds eye, but only after being very, very comfortable with the technique - with the paper you can never go wrong.

Once focused, begin to speak the phrases, you must speak them aloud - you must say them, feel them and hear them for the process to be effective. Your intent here is to balance the resonances within that are creating the reflection. Say the Statements slowly and with purpose. Do not rush, be deliberate and remain focused on the process. If you find yourself drifting, mumbling, not finishing sentences this is a good sign. This tells you that you have something that is really an issue, so stick with it until things get easier - they will. Listen to the tone of your voice, is it: tentative, high, weak, unsure, ending in the question lilt? All signs you are in need of balancing.

You will say each phrase three times, but feel free to say it more often if you feel the need. Forgiveness can be one that takes some time to feel complete with - forgiving oneself is new for many. At some point things will feel complete and you may stop. Of course, you may need to do a person many, many times to get things in a balanced place. Other times, just once is enough.

In order to really benefit from the Harmonizing Statement Technique one must release all preconceived notions to allow the information to penetrate into your personality. Do not judge, no preconceived notions allowed, no shame allowed. Have fun.

In order to utilize the Harmonizing Statement Technique effectively you must understand the following and accept these as facts:

    Your reality is a reflection from within, therefore the things you project onto others are actually projections from within. You empower yourself by recognizing this at all levels.