The Basic Five

The Harmonizing Statements are encoded directives, to all aspects of your consciousness, that tell your consciousness how to view the reflection you are looking at and how to change certain reactions and responses to the reflection. Each statement is designed to follow the last, in order to take your consciousness through a progressive, logical transformation. While speaking the Harmonizing Statements aloud you will be balancing the imbalances in you that this reflection is mirroring - instant healing.

It is important to not only focus on the speaking of the statements, but also to focus on the inner voice that reveals things to you, as will also be revealing some truths about yourself and the origin of the imbalance, so do not dismiss any impressions that may arise while you are working. Do not underestimate the value of the insights that come up through the process, often we will clearly see why we have issues in certain areas, allowing more healing to take place at others levels, so be open and don’t judge the thoughts and insights that come up.


This statement always comes first, as this defines what is being done - healing. It is important to see here that we are healing ourselves, we are not healing the reflection!


This statement reminds us not to fear this aspect of ourselves. In order to heal a part of ourselves we must not fear it, for the fear keeps it separate from us.


In order to heal anything, we must refrain from judgment. The reflection is an aspect of ourselves, if we judge it, we do not own it, and if we do not own it, we cannot heal it.


The reason we need to balance the reflection is we are out of harmony; here we seek to restore it. Illnesses are clear reflections of inner disharmony - dis-ease.


Finally we need to feel comfortable with this part of us. I use the word “like” instead of the word “love” due to the distortions the word love carries. Love can be used if it is comfortable to due so.

Repeat each phrase three times. Each time clearly understanding that this person, place or thing is
YOU. The set can be repeated as often as needed until one feels comfortable that the issue has been resolved, the balancing is done, or the needed understanding has been achieved. Do not underestimate the value of insight here, if you wish, you may use the technique solely to gain insight.

In the basic five we are looking at things, issues, that are happening currently. The phrasing here, “I do not fear myself” is the present moment, as this aspect is happening now. In some circumstances, areas where a long history of imbalance is present, it maybe appropriate to change the phrasing. A lifetime of fearing dogs will necessitate changing the phrase to, “I no longer fear myself.” Use the phrase that works for you.

These Are NOT Affirmations

Affirmations are different and serve a different purpose. If we were to see the reflection as external, that is, a thing separate from us, then affirmations would be one way to achieve some new understanding but this is not that process. The Harmonizing Statements are encoded “statements of fact” not affirmations, that are tied to this particular process. If at some point during the process you find yourself in affirmation mode, just stop and start again. There is no harm in affirmations; it is just not this exercise.

If you are looking for a raise of ten percent at your job, an affirmation may have you saying, “I deserve a ten percent raise” or “I am worthy of a ten percent raise.” The idea here is you are looking to create a resonance that is stronger than any conflicting resonance you may have. The Harmonizing Statement technique is used in this situation to help find the conflicting resonances that might prevent you from getting the ten percent raise. While doing the statements on the boss, the salary and maybe the job title, one might find a lot of conflicting resonance with energies such as: I am not worthy, I am not qualified, I will get fired if I ask, my boss hates me, I need to quit and so on.

As you can see here, affirmations can create resonance conflict as one attempts to add resonances that may antagonize existing resonant energies within.

Give It A Try

If you wish to give the system a try, take moment and pick a person in which you have a minor issue with currently; possibly a coworker, a friend, not a family member, just make it someone with less personal history. Now write their name down on a small piece of paper, a post-it is perfect and continue. When you are done, cross out the name, or throw the piece of paper away, never have more than one name or thing on a paper at a time.

I have provided some videos that will guide you through the statements and the device featured will help you clear things up much faster, should you choose to use it. You can do the technique right off of the paper using yourself as the guide if you wish. I do suggest you use the audio to as your guide until you have the statements memorized.