Frequently Asked Questions

What are your credentials for this process, research etc.?

Allen Ritter, healer, writer, inventor, artist and observer of life believes that increasing your awareness about yourself is the real goal of life. After thousands of client healing sessions Allen developed a universal system through a set of very simple techniques that have enabled countless people to increase their awareness about themselves and make significant life changes.

What is this video of, what is this device that I am looking at in the assistant page?

This is a device designed to assist you the process. It transmutes distorted resonances using special tunings, light and sound. You may play it in the background if you wish, without the voice over, to assist in clearing distorted energy in your space.

My grandmother is ill, can I use Harmonizing

No, the Harmonizing Statements are about healing
you. Look to use her as a reflection of you and heal yourself. Though that process you actually may heal her, or come to some insight as to what is needed for her. It should be said here that you have absolute permission to heal anything in the Universe within yourself through any reflection; you do not have permission to heal others without there permission.

I was mugged, is the mugger me? Was I a mugger in a past life?

Whether you were a mugger in a past life is irrelevant, you have a resonance for it and you can easily pick up enough resonance for a mugging by watching the nightly fear segments on the local news. You could also carry a resonance from some mugging fear handed down to you from your mom. You have/had a resonance within you that created that scenario, use the technique to heal the resonance with you by using the mugger as your refection. The mugger is you.

This whole thing conflicts with my beliefs, why should I believe you?

You shouldn’t believe me, either try it with conviction and see what you learn, or leave it alone for others to do.

I get tired when I do it, I can’t stay focused?

This is common. This happens for two reasons. Initially the heaviness you feel is due to conflicting beliefs, learning to take full responsibility for everything you manifest in your reality can take some shifting and this can be heavy. The second reason for this is you have found something via your refection that is really in need of balancing. Work though the issue until the heaviness has released.

After doing some Harmonizing Statement work, I realize that my relationship is toxic, I got into it for the wrong reasons, what do I do know?

There is no simple answer to that, the process has revealed truth, look to some of the resonance in you that keeps you there and balance them: fear, self trust, money etc. and see if clearing some of those things up will free you from the relationship.

I can’t figure out what needs Balancing, my life seems fine.

There is no need do something that doesn’t seem to suit you. All things in your reality are reflections, you can do things that seem fine to gain a deeper insight into yourself, or see where maybe you have a kind of spiritual stasis.

My neighbors yard is horrible, how come Harmonizing Statements won’t make him change his yard.

There are two answers here, taste is a matter of opinion and your neighbor may think your yard is horrible. That said, why are you living next to him in the first place? You have a resonance for that home in that area, do some work on your living environment to see what connects you to an area where your neighbor can have a “horrible” yard.

I did some Harmonizing Statements on a person who was refusing to call me back, me calling myself back, and it worked perfectly. But when I did some on my car’s dead battery the battery didn’t get better, how come?

Two different things, the return call was real time, the dead battery was due to either negligence – forgot to maintain it, or it was time for it to go. It can be helpful to do the dead battery to see if there is some issue with maintaining the car.

Can I do the process without the paper?

Eventually. You should use the paper for a while, until you feel comfortable with both the process and the phrases. Some people can eventually hold the image in their mind – third eye, but this can be a real challenge for many. The paper assures that no affirmation efforts take over and always works perfectly.

Can I use a photo?

Eventually. Until you fully integrate the “this is a reflection of me” notion into your practice, it is best to use the paper with name – this is easier too, as a scrap of paper works as good as anything. The other issue with photos is they may have more than one thing in them, confusing the issue. A family photo when working on only mom won’t be helpful. At some point you may wish to try a photo, maybe of an item you are looking to purchase in order to get a better sense of it or break down some resistance.

Can I get rid of all my bad resonances by doing good things to build up good resonances?

No, this is not a competition between resonances, resonance conflict, but rather balancing the energies between the two. This also invites the elements of subjective judgment into the mix. Enhancing the strengths does help “educated” the weaknesses but it doesn’t always cancel them out.