Maximizing The Process

Harmonizing Statements focused on our basic reflection – i.e. “Aunt Jane,” as the perfect place to start healing things and exposing deeper level imbalances for more healing. Yet, there are times where we may wish to, or need to, go deeper. To accomplish this we will examine looking at a reflection with a specific intent.

In our example we are going to use some life long conflict with cars. Our first, and foundational effort, will be to do some work on the reflection simply titled “car.” We have been uncomfortable driving recently and want to balance things in that area. “Car” is our reflection, the car is us.

Now that we have a sense of the reflection we may wish to go a little deeper after we see what has come up via our intuition. The first thing our intuition noticed was we had an issue with traffic tickets when we first started driving. So now we add as a line of focus, “traffic tickets,” underneath the main focus, “car,” and do some healing.

In our initial work, we also noticed that there was an issue with two accidents that had happened in the past. So we add “accidents” to the line of focus.

The reason the issue of car has come up at all is due to the fact that ours is getting old and we think it might be time to get another one, but the question of buying new or used, is a conflicting issue. We’ll add “buying” to our focus.

Through each added intent, we expose deeper layers to the issues of car. Upon doing “traffic tickets” we may find an old resonance associated with a warrant issued for our arrest due to a failure to appear. The Harmonizing Statement effort allowed us to expose the aspects of ourselves that still lived in fear of this issue, but also allows us to see clearly that we had resolved it many years ago – thereby balancing things and empowering us.

The intent directed toward accidents revealed the real fear and anxiety we had incurred during the two accidents we had many years ago. It also allowed us to balance that, becoming more harmonious and achieving a new level of inner strength.

The focus on buying had us seeing more clearly the resonance conflict associated with the car buying effort. One aspect of us was buying into the marketing reality of brand X and looking at a very expensive new car, leading us down the road to a major monthly payment and an initial expense we could not afford. Through the balancing process we could get past that sales campaign and see our best option was to look at a good quality used car.

Getting a raise is another good example of an intent based examination of our resonances. We want a raise of 10 percent. We should do the following: Boss, company, person in charge of raises, a person who has a similar salary/job, the old salary and the proposed new one. Do the technique on each topic and see what comes up, one might be surprised at the resistant energies.

Intent based Harmonizing Statements adds a whole new layer to your tool kit. While working with the basic formula on our reflection, we allow ourselves to open up to the inner voice that gives us clues to other contributing issues. These can then be pulled out and worked on as a separate topic, leading us to untold healing and revelation. There is no limit here as long as you listen to the inner voice and do not judge what comes up from within.