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Quantum Harmonizer

The Quantum Harmonizer Pendant is worn around the neck. The Pendant creates a personal protection wave that adds Chi/Prana as it protects. The adjustable Pendant can be placed over the Thymus, Thyroid or Heart area for different effects. The Pendant will add healing energy to those areas as well as protect you from general negativity. As with all things, a break from wearing it is recommended as needed. Should you feel tense or "overly tired" after wearing it, try removing it for a short while. If you feel fine wearing it all the time then do so. Use your intuition. The pendant comes with a cord-style necklace. If you wish to alter the look of the cord, or place it on a different chain, feel free.

Unlike other "healing" energies, this one uses a finely tuned system of consciousness expanding tools fully integrated into the hologram to protect and add clarity, while adding a bit of life force to your field too. Once you attune to it's wonderful vibe; you'll use it like an energetic bouncer, knocking out negative vibes where ever you are. It will keep you calm and centered. This device does not need to be cleaned and will maintain it's charge indefinitely.

The pendant must be removed if doing any kind of biofeedback testing, muscle testing, kinesiology, or any body-feedback oriented work, as it can influence the tests - when in doubt, remove it.

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The Quantum Harmonizer Pendant

What Does It Do?

The Quantum Harmonizer Pendant strengthens your energy field, knocks away unbalanced energies and clears certain negative energies out of your bio-field. The original pendat was known as the Resonator Pendant and has gone through many incarnations over the last 10 years. This pendant takes the best of each effort and combines them with the power of the hologram to make a truly refined and powerful tool.

How Does It Work?

The Pendant works using your own bio-field as the power source in much the same way as the Quantum Harmonizer uses the electricity as its power source. The tunings in the device seek to harmonize your energy field, thereby strengthening your field. A stronger field is a more protected field; a more protected field is a happier field – less threatened by life’s negative vibes you will simply feel much better. The device provides you with clarity.

What Can I Expect?

The experience differs from person to person. Most people will experience a small detox period, lasting a day or two, as the device works to “clear out” some of the more obvious and unbalanced energies contained in your bio-field. Some may react strongly to the power of the pendant and some may not react at all.

Can I Always Wear It?

Yes. I don’t suggest wearing it to sleep or to shower, but at all others times is fine. There is an exception: one cannot wear it during any sort of biofeedback testing. The Pendant has a tendency to skew certain types of testing, including kinesiology and other forms of feedback testing. It is recommended that one simply take it off during any sort of feedback testing – just to be safe.

Can I Put It On Another Cord or Chain?


Will It Protect Me From Negative Energy?

Yes. This story is an interesting example of the shielding effects. Someone who was a long time user of the original Resonator Pendant went to see the long time family physician for a general checkup. After the examination the pendant was placed back on and a hug was given to the doctor. The pendant touched the doctor’s stethoscope. When the pendant touched the stethoscope, the stethoscope flew off the doctor’s body and flew onto the floor – breaking in the process. Why did this happen? The stethoscope was used on countless people, acquiring the energy of each person in the device. A lot of unbalanced energy was contained in that tiny listening device, the pendant looked to clear the stethoscope out with rather humorous results.

Can I Give My Pendant To Someone Else?

This is not recommended. Once the device tunes to you, it is yours. Since each person is different, one vibe might not work on another.