Group Healing

You may wish to put together a group to do some healing either on yourselves or the world at large. Of course the key to keep in mind here is that you are not healing anything other than
yourself, if the reflection changes wonderful, but that is not the point. The point is to alter your contribution to the external reality.

A group of two is all that is needed, the larger the group, the more dynamic the event. A person should be selected to lead. It is helpful to have a solid cadence to follow. The person who is leading should not be fearful about leading, there should be no hesitation or insecurity in the voice.

There are several ways to create reflection to use as a healing focus. One, a person who has an issue may step to the forefront and all the group members focus on that individual. The person is a reflection of each of the group members, as such, the changes will differ from person to person. Example: Alice is our focal person. Her topic is back-pain. We all focus on Alice and her back pain, her back pain is reflection of the group otherwise the group would be different. Alice sits in front and a sequence is chosen that works for Alice’s back pain. The leader begins and each person repeats after the leader, 3x for each Statement until the sequence is completed. It can be nice for each person to speak about what was revealed during the sequence, but this is not necessary. Each person will experience a different revelation. Each person can take turns at the front, using an issue that is specific to them, while the group focuses on them. After all, everyone in the group is a reflection of the group, as such, all have a resonance for being there.

Do not judge anyone, especially yourself, during the process.

Another group session can be devoted to a less personal reflection. Say the neighborhood has a crack house. No efforts have succeeded in removing it. It is a reflection of the neighborhood and the residents, who live there, yes even those who never visit the house. So a group can be assembled and the house can be the focus of attention. A leader is selected and sequence is defined. Each Statement is spoken aloud and the group repeats after the leader until the sequence is complete. It maybe helpful to then ask each person what came up during the sequence, as it may reveal deeper issues that need to be addressed. An example: Once the crack house sequence is completed it may show that each person noticed they had anger and frustration with the city not doing something about it. Then the city needs to be done too. What one hopes to see out of this particular process is that empowerment doesn’t come from waiting for the city, but changing the resonance within.

A group might gather at a lake or stream to address pollution. Again, a sequence is created and the group looks to heal themselves, not the lake or stream, but themselves, and the act of doing this alters the resonance that creates the pollution.

It should be said here that in a group gathering all the people must be familiar and practiced at the technique. The group gathering is not the time or place to educate people about the process. If people are not familiar with the process they will execute their resistance during the process, slowing down the process. Each person participating with the group should be fully comfortable with the idea that no matter what the image in front of them is, it is a reflection of a resonance within them.