Reality Shifting

Everything Happens With A Reason

It is commonly said, “everything happens for a reason.” This is not true. Everything happens with a reason and that reason is for you to figure out. You can understand what is happening to you when you apply the resonance equations, there is no mystery to it - your reality reflects a resonance within you and it is possible that resonance needs balancing. Harmonizing Statements help you understand the resonance that creates the reality, thereby allowing you to make some changes in that reality, in order to manifest an even more efficient growth based reality.

Fate Vs. Choice

This is an issue that most people cannot seem to reconcile, either everything is fated, or everything is choice. The premise that it is one or the other is the problem, as both are true. Let us take a look at the example of a roller-coaster ride. You have chosen to wait in a line for two hours to ride the world’s most exciting roller coaster. You have chosen to get into the coaster car and be strapped in. Once the coaster takes off up the first climb, you are fated to the rest of the ride. The commitment to the fated event was made by the choice to get on the coaster, once going, the timeline that is the two-minute ride on the coaster must play out the way it will play out - fate. You cannot change your reality if it is in mid-coaster ride.

Our life is a series of choices that open up timelines of experience that are similar to the coaster ride. The coaster ride is two-minutes and done. A plane right across the globe is twenty-hours and done. The birth of a baby is nine months and then parent for life. Each scenario we engage in is a mini timeline of experience within the greater timeline of life. Some events are fated as we are in the middle of the engaged scenario and others are subject to tremendous change as they have not opened up to a fixed form of experience. Our image below shows you the complex structure that is our life, when broken down into overlapping timelines. The Spheres represent moments of choice within a fated timeline. Those moments can open up new realities within the fated timeline of experience, or in some cases, alter the reality altogether. The choice to engage a timeline of experience is the main moment of choice.

Above we see that each timeline evolves from a tiny moment of choice - possibly imperceptible at the time, and within certain timelines, choices – represented by the spheres, pop up. Decisions made in those moments will change the course of the timeline. At some point the scenario ends, reflected by the straight-line end. Some timelines are life long, like family, some are only moments long, like a coaster ride.

Our fickle nature, combined with resonant conflict have us wanting to escape every timeline scenario that makes us feel uncomfortable, in spite of the fact that we choose to manifest the reality that is that scenario. This creates a problem, if one is to grow, one needs to finish the things that were set up for growth, but since a lot of growth is uncomfortable, our desire to finish is often compromised by resonances that are the very things we look to balance by the scenario. As such, reality alteration is a tricky business when taken out of context.

Fear is one of the most powerful resonances and one that confuses most scenarios. Fear at the beginning of a roller-coaster ride is the reason we get on, but for some, that fear triggers a need to get off. Most of us are in the habit of indulging fear the minute it erupts, often wasting perfectly good healing scenarios that were designed to balance the fear. This is important to understand as reality alteration is not about making the “bad stuff” stop but about moving into places that enhance growth and understanding.

When using the Harmonizing Statement Technique some things can change with directed focus based on information gained from the process. Other times, it will become apparent that we are in the middle of a mini-timeline scenario and we can only alter our reactions and our responses to the stimulus. If, after the first ten-seconds of our coaster ride, we are gripped by fear, we have little choice but to ride it out. But, we can take the opportunity to balance the fear that has come up as a result of taking a ride and see if we can’t benefit from the event. We can’t change the ride while on it, but we can change our reactions and responses to it.

Changing Your Reality

You already create your entire reality, you don’t need any book or seminar to teach you how to do this – you do it perfectly. But can you change your reality? Yes, with some caveats.

The Harmonizing Statement Technique does four things:


    Understanding our resonance model of reality allows us to more effectively use our physical reality as a growth tool. Everything in your reality is created by you, this means that everything you need to grow is right in front of you. Notice the interactions of the timelines above, they are all working in harmony together. What we need for one timeline of experience maybe found in another timeline of experience. There is no reason to believe that all things we need are found in one timeline.

    We often hear people say, “if I was only rich, then everything would be fine,” or “if I was only married, everything would be fine.” This kind thinking implies that consciousness is either mean or foolish, as it is not giving you what you need to grow now, but has the perfect tool locked away in some future moment taunting you in the present from that hidden location. This is just untrue, the resonance you have manifested has given you every tool you need to get to the next level of consciousness. Most often, they are not the tools we “desire,” but the fact is, they are the tools we need. As you explore this process, keep in mind that everything in your reality, that which you manifest, is the perfect tool for growth - then figure out how to use it. All the tools you need to get to the next point in your evolution are right in front of you. ***

    What Does This Say About Me?

    To utilize the Harmonizing Statement Technique to its fullest use the mantra: What does this say about me? Your reality is a reflection of the resonance within, this means that your reality says something about you - what is it? We are trained to ask what any given experience says about another individual, but this is the wrong question. It is irrelevant what our boss’ issue is with regard to his anger, it is more important as to why a resonance within us allows him to demonstrate that anger towards us. This means we need to ask the question: “What does the boss’ anger say about me?” Here is where standard psychological definitions fail as the usual reason given is something along the lines of “...not standing up for yourself.” While this might be a resonance that drives the interaction, another resonance might be because you are angry. I have heard people say, “I’m not an angry person,” which maybe true, or you might be a person who does not express anger - which is different. The Harmonizing Statement Process will allow you to see which resonance is the issue and balance it.

    Harmonizing Resonance

    We can see that shifting our beliefs from a traditional model of “reality exists separate from us and we just live in it” to the actual reality of; resonance creates the reality we interact with – we are creating our reality every moment, is a major consciousness shift. Nearly everything we are taught suggests the opposite of that truth. To move from the inherently weak world of the traditional view of life, to the completely empowered model of All Is One will be a major challenge for most, as the conflicting resonances all surface and seek to harmonize. The incarnation’s shift from separation to unity needs to be taken slowly. For many the idea that they ARE toxic waste is incomprehensible and impossible to accept. – but everything is indeed you not matter how unpleasant you may judge it to be.

    Our weaknesses are the resonances that are out of alignment, or harmony, with All Is One. If your focus of attention is on the earth plane then you are in both separation and the belief in separation. Separation creates fear and insecurity and most often that insecurity and fear brings more of the same – resonance manifesting resonance, adding to the problem.

    A baby is born into separation after being in unity with/within its mother for nine months. The baby is cast-out into the world with fear and insecurity being a integral part of its life. The resonance for this is both real and strong, as a baby cannot feed, clothe or shelter itself.

    Over a lifetime the infant, the incarnated aspect of self, grows to live in separation, sometimes ferociously. The earth plane reality shows separation of many forms and one comes to accept it as the foundation to all of life. Eventually the incarnation sees reality separate from itself, not of itself – countless resonances are contained within it that say that “all is separate.”

    Strength comes from all the resonances within vibrating in harmony with the truth that All Is One. For most this concept is an idea, a belief, not a knowing. We can see the “idea verses belief” problem in this example. Love is considered the most superior of human emotions and the most superior of all notions. People will meet, fall in love, marry and then “fall out of love,” often saying they no longer love the person the once loved. They are separate, then unified (a ceremony of unity takes place) and then they are separate again. Either the word love is defined by this curious process which is clearly not unity, or unity is a fleeting notion fully contingent on momentary judgment. Love, at the very least, is the absence of judgment - judging is not love - even if one feels justified the judgement. Unity is not selective, the Creator/You do not judge when in unity. That said, the word love and its associated actions are largely a distortion relegated to the earth plane and have little to do with Unity.

    Going from a committed belief of separation, to the truth that All Is One, is a major process, a process that is all that one’s “life” is about. There is nothing else but this journey. This journey has each incarnation at a different point in this process: A personality aspect of me is just starting out, an aspect is far along in the process, and another aspect may almost Know it. At some point enough of me Knows it and the expression that is Soul, moves just that much closer to total Unity. This process within an incarnational experience can be very challenging as one begins to see itself as more than an isolated, separate energy.

    The Harmonizing Statement Technique allows a transition, rather than an abrupt shift, to this way of representing yourself. It allows you to build a bridge from the commitment to separation to the true reality that All Is One. It allows you to harmonize the resonances within your incarnation and stop some of the conflict, allowing the system to digest the overwhelming energy that you are the Creator. Each one of your incarnational aspects will hopefully look like this, In harmony with the moment.

    Your efforts in the area of harmonizing your individual incarnation resonate throughout your entire Soul matrix and add to Soul’s evolving understanding.

    The End

    There is no end to this process of Knowing, only deeper and deeper levels of Knowing. Eventually you will Know yourself to be the Creator and yet as you come to that Knowingness, new aspects of You/Creator have begun the journey from separation back to the Knowingness that All Is One.

    *** Some timelines of experience extend beyond the physical realm. The more sophisticated process of Knowing that All Is One is not relegated strictly to the earth plane.