Global Project

The exciting aspect of the Harmonizing Statement Technique is the possible application to global experiences - the earth reality we all live in. This section is just to give you and idea about what can be achieved when everyone sees the reality they live in as a reflection of the collective expression rather then a fixed external reality.

Just as your reality is a reflection of you, the global reality is a reflection of the collective consciousness - everyone. Earth reality, with its wars and governments and music and art, is a reflection of the collective of all of the energies that reside here.While it is nearly impossible to get even the vaguest sense of the entire collective consciousness at work, we can see a more localized example through the process of mob mentality. During a mob related event, people do things they would never do alone. The energy most dominant in a mob event, for example looting, begets more looting as people vibrate with the prevailing resonance and act on the resonance. People feel they are in need of control, so governments exist. People feel they need ways to travel, so planes exist and so on.

Concerts will often reflect a localized resonance reflection. Where a group of people gather, a consensus resonance can take over and dictate what the group does, therefore dictating the reality reflection. If everyone went to a concert in the park in a positive space, the concert may prove to be exceptional as the reality reflection will mirror that. If the same people went to the concert, just after a tragic local event, the “tone” of the vibe would surely be seen in that reality reflection.

As such, the greater collective creates a contextual experience we all might see as the earth reality. It stands to reason then that each and every one of us is a contributor to that reality with our resonance. If enough people change their resonance in a given area, the realty must reflect that change. Some things do change once the major resonances have shifted, the resonance for plantation style slavery is no longer a dominating energy in the collective and we do not see this reflected anymore, as that resonance shifted some time ago.

While it is possible to change a great many things in the external world by changing the internal resonance within us, some things – via our fate vs. choice model, cannot change, and this includes the collective reflection as well. Regardless of any visible reality change from the global healing effort, we can all use to change the resonances within us that even remotely hold a resonant energy with things like war, poverty, crime, pollution etc., even if that shift doesn’t end one of those reflections entirely.

Through this project I am going to select some things that we might be able to change the collective consciousness’ reflection; pollution for example, and things in which we all need some healing to change the long-standing resonances within us; like war.

The plan is to have those who wish to participate in the global healing project to focus their energy on changing the resonance within them, changing the actual reality by altering
their individual resonance. I will setup a specific time to start the project and those who wish to participate will access the website, watch the video and be guided to participate in the process simultaneously. The system will continue to be available after that, so others who wish to heal themselves, but can’t participate at the requisite time, can do so at their leisure.

An example of healing a real world thing: I expect that the energy contained in a garbage dump is something the collective really doesn’t need - it exists because we believe that waste is a byproduct of human consumption and must be placed in a landfill. An image of a landfill is in the global healing assistants section for you to work with now. At some point, I will choose a specific date and time and everyone would work through the Harmonizing Statement Process with the intention of healing themselves of the resonance associated with the landfill. Possibly the place would be clear by the end of the sequence. What is interesting to keep in mind here is there are a lot of people who make their living from “waste management” and their resonance might come into play here.

An example of healing a more consciousness based reflection: The Iraq war is quite an awful thing to have hanging in one’s reality. War itself is destructive, and while many are committed to the idea of it, many others find it unacceptable that this happens in their communal reality - creating collective reality resonance conflict. But for it to happen, there must be enough resonance in each of us somewhere to make it a part of our reflected reality. In this case we would take “Iraq War” and look to balance the energies in us that manifest this. Will this alter the war effort?

Right now there are three Harmonizing Statements Assistants for you to work with on your own, anytime you wish - see the
global challenges page. These represent three very basic distortions in our communal reality and will give you a nice shift in your resonance basket - hopefully some wonderful things will happen to the communal reflection as well (could air pollution disappear if none of us had a resonance for it?).

Feel free to do anything you see in your reality at anytime. There is no need to wait for a coordinated effort to do the Fukushima catastrophe. If you feel the need to deal with your war based resonances you may do them at any time.